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Cheap and Affordable Home and Office Cleaning Maids Services
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Cinderella Maids – Cheap and Affordable Home and Office Cleaning Maid Services in Troy, Michigan

For more than 10+ years, Cinderella Maids has been the leader in the cleaning industry for setting high standards and creating long-lasting bonds with families just like yours.

There’s a reason why we’re voted #1 in the state as the most trusted name in house cleaning. For starters, we have a “NO CONTRACT” policy. We’re only as good as our last clean. Why bog yourself down to a commitment on top of all the other responsibilities on your plate? You may cancel or suspend service; anytime for any reason.

Another reason is where licensed and insured, protecting your property in the event of an ‘accident’.

Where here to FREE your TIME. You deserve it. So, kick your feet up, relax, and let us do the dirty work.

Best Professional Deep Cleaning Local Crew Services

We use specific cleaners for each surface such as Granite, Stainless Steel, Wood Floor, Wood Cabinets, Carpet, Glass, Bathroom, and upholstery.

Below are some of the cleaning services we offer to suit your particular needs.

Cinderella Maids Cleaning Materials

House Cleaning Services

Our most commonly requested service, our house cleaners offer room-by-room cleaning to get your home feeling fresh and clean.

A few details we’ll need to know include: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, your cleaning preference and style of house (one, two, three stories, split level, duplex, etc.).

Apartment, Condo and Flat Cleaning Services

Need your apartment, condo or flat ‘tidied up’?

Cinderella Maids can help.

Our apartment cleaners are professionals when it comes to cleaning small, tighter spaces that are often harder to reach. This service is similar to house cleaning except on a smaller scale.

Cinderella Maids Washing Window

Window Washing Services

If you’re anything like most property owners, cleaning windows is not your favorite past time. The reason why is because getting a genuine, ‘streak-free’ window is not as easy as ‘spray n’ wipe’.

It requires a bit of elbow grease to get that ‘shine’ everyone looks for. In other words, a good, cleaned window should look as if there isn’t one at all standing between you and the outside world.

Cinderella Maids Cleaning Oven

Oven Cleaning Services

When you enlist the services of Cinderella Maids oven cleaning maids, we’ll make sure the exterior and interior of your oven is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and washed from the oven walls to the inside door window.

Whether you’re getting ready to host a party or it’s been a while since your oven has been cleaned, our professional housekeepers can offer you a helping hand.

Cinderella Maids Cleaning Refrigerator

Refrigerator Cleaning Services

It’s tough enough tidying bedrooms, doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen regularly, so getting around to cleaning the refrigerator can be a real pain in the neck.

You have to remove and store food, remove pieces and parts and REALLY dig in there. Our refrigerator cleaners can remove all those tough stains and smells in a heartbeat.

Maids Cleaning Office

Office and Corporate Cleaning Services

The goal of our professional office cleaners is to focus on BOOSTING your revenues, INCREASING your profits and focusing on your customers and clientele. As a busy professional, you don’t have time to waste energy and time on less important matters. But cleaning is OUR business, so allow us to do the job.

Our Detailed Routine Cleaning Frequency Plan

Got a specific room or area you want more emphasis? Maybe you’d before we’d stay far ‘away’ from the good china sets? Would you prefer we use a specific kind of solution you like? Would you like us to come on a Monday or Friday?

Whatever you decide, we are reasonably accommodating to your specific needs and wants.

We offer monthly, bi-weekly and weekly cleaning services, though MOST customers choose weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. The balls in your court. Only you know what needs done. Contact us now for discounted pricing on recurring visits.

We Are The BEST Economy Friendly Green Cleaning Company

Eco Friendly trash bin logo

Cinderella Maids is the only maid cleaning service in your area that utilizes 100% all-natural products such as Method and Mrs. Meyers. As a respected eco-friendly company, we’re committed to protecting you, your family and the environment.

Did we mention we’re the only cleaning service using environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning product solutions?

If so, it’s worth mentioning ‘twice’. Our competition uses dangerous and unnatural cleaning products either for lack of education or to ‘save a few bucks’. As for our team, we VALUE your health and well-being above the bottom-line – every time.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

***Top Affordable House Cleaning Services***

Although we’d like to pride ourselves as a superior cleaning maid service, as human beings, too, we’re prone to make a few errors occasionally. Sometimes we make harmless mistakes – not emptying a wastebasket, leaving a bucket behind, forgetting to dust the top of a ceiling fan.

However, OUR mistake is NOT your mistake. We would never ask you to ‘just deal with it’ because we value your satisfaction, and a professional cleaning isn’t complete without your satisfaction – guaranteed.

Satisfaction Guarantee Logo

Why Hire Cinderella Maids
For The BEST Local Property Cleaning?

When customers were asked “What makes YOU happy about Cinderella Maids housekeeping services?”, here are four (4) points they shared in common overall:

Custom Cleaning Services

We discuss your priorities, preferences, likes and dislikes to give you the level of “clean” you desire.

Our Clients TRUST Us

It’s not often people allow strangers to waltz into their space. That’s why we take great care to ensure YOU are comfortable in every step of the cleaning process.


Our aim is to do a satisfactory cleaning within YOUR budget so you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

If It LOOKS Clean, It is Clean

When people walk into your home, they notice EVERY detail you may miss because you’re too familiar with your surroundings. A fresh set of “eagle eyes” (our cleaning maids) will give you a new perspective and “blow your visitors AWAY”. They’ll be BEGGING you to come back to visit again.

That’s okay. We give you permission to take all the credit (smiles).


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you the ladies at Cinderella Maids personally who came and cleaned for me. They did a great, thorough job. I am 87 years old and I really needed your help with the cleanings. I’m grateful services like this exist.”


– Rena M.

“It took a bit of ‘trial and error’, so we’re grateful to have finally come across a cleaning service that’s both consistent and reliable. You’re fast, personal responses to our inquiries is hugely appreciated! On behalf of our family, we thank you for this peace of mind.”


– Ruth S.

“I don’t know how to thank your cleaning angels enough for the work they did on my home yesterday. I had just arrived home while on vacation, and I was afraid my “not-so-tidy” family would have left a mess requiring multiple cleanings. To my surprise, and what would have been less than 24 hours, my home was completely transformed. I am still sitting here in awe of the work that was done.”

– Rebecca S.

“Cinderella Maids has gone ABOVE and BEYOND the services they normally provided to accommodate my needs. They tidied things up everywhere and gave my daughter’s bedroom a total facelift.

PLEASE pass along my heartfelt thanks to the women involved in the cleaning as well as those in charge.”

– Jazmine T.

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